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We are visual storytellers transforming your ideas into beautiful, educational, and inspiring visual art
Medical 3D Animation

Here at Q3 Interactive our developers each have more than ten years of anatomy and instrument modeling, animation, lighting, texturing, rigging, compositing, rendering, and illustration experience. We care about the quality of our work, and it really shows.

Mobile App and Website Development

A mobile app is a necessity for sales enablement, visual demonstration, and interactive engagement. Q3 Interactive builds custom mobile apps that visually and interactively showcase your products and services with an Admin-controlled content Management System (CMS) so you’re always in control of your content and delivery. And THAT DRIVES BUSINESS!

Design and Illustration

Experience, and a lot of it, is what you get with Q3 Interactive. We’ll help you architect and plan your layout, content, flow, and visual style to either establish or stay harmonious with your existing brand. We design websites, trade show displays, brochures, letterhead, business cards … anything you need.

First and foremost, we understand our role is to help you communicate beautifully, and we strive for visually stunning results in all areas. Our 3D artists, programmers, designers, and developers are highly experienced and take pride in the work we do for you. We serve you, our customers and friends, with professionalism and a level of expertise with which you'll feel safe and on which you'll come to rely.

Because we care not just about what we do, but also how we go about it, we make sure the experience of working with us is refreshingly pleasant and communicative from start to finish. This commitment is reflected in our frequent and speedy interactions, our grasp of your medical animation and visual sales tools needs, pricing, production schedules, and in the finished visual product.


Demo Reels for Days (okay minutes), but it represents just a small fraction of our favorite work on display here to give you an idea what have already done, and more importantly, the creative approaches and quality we are capable of in medical animation, illustration, design, app development, programming ... all of it and more

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Would you like to see more specific examples or discuss our capabilities, pricing or production schedule? We'd be thrilled to provide an outlined Statement of Work for your upcoming project with no cost or obligation.
We're up for the opportunity to EARN your business.

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Dave Boyd - President, CEO
Dave Boyd - President & CEO


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